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What does FindMyRanking do for me?

Find My Ranking is a unique tool that performs a search of keywords and phrases on the top search engines to determine how your website truly ranks in cities or countries around the world. Unless you are actually in the city that you are searching, your results will not be accurate.

Is a high ranking important?

It certainly is if your business relies on your website as a key element of your marketing plan. It's one thing to have great product, but it really doesn't help you if potential clients can't find you.

But can't customers just enter my business name to find me?

Sure, if they are looking for you specifically. But if they are doing a general search which includes products you may carry, it is pretty well documented that they will only look through the first few pages of the search results. If you are not showing up high in the rankings, chances are they will never find you.

Is it expensive to run an SEO program?

Hiring and SEO expert certainly can be expensive. It can also be very costly to have a staff member spend multiple hours every week trying to determine where your website ranks. With, searches are done quickly and easily, freeing up that employee to perform other tasks.

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